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It's a proven fact that people are most successful at meeting their exercise goals when they are part of a community. As a result, we offer the following discounts

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***If you need technical assistance contact us prior to the start of classes and we will do a Zoom test run with you.

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Something to Look Forward to

Annual Community Retreat

We are so excited to announce our first Annual Community Retreat coming this August 7/8th!

Come meet your community, enjoy the outdoors (maybe make friends with some goats) and have fun with exercise while your’re at it.

This retreat is available for free (excluding cost of food) to those who have registered in one or more semesters of fitness with Tullamore Alive in the last year.
Safety considerations will be made at this retreat for COVID-19.  All food will be individually packaged by caterer and distancing will be respected. If possible, we will open up the inside of the retreat centre to accommodations;  otherwise, you are welcome to bring your own supplies to camp.
This retreat is designed to be a fun weekend spent with the people you have met in class, enjoying campfires, good food and fun crafting/exercise activities.
More specific details on what to look forward to with the Annual Community Retreat will be coming soon!